The Library

Kerala Sahitya Akademi Library is the repository of Malayalam books. This library has an invaluable collection of books which is not available anywhere else. Accredited by all the universities in Kerala as a research center for Malayalam language literature and culture, the Academy Library is a refuge for those doing research in Malayalam. Many researchers, professors, teachers, journalists from newspapers, Doordarshan, radio, private channels etc., cultural heroes, prominent personalities in the field of culture and even common villagers from inside and outside Kerala visit the Academy library daily for reference.

The Academy library has more than one and a half lakh books. Of this, over 1,25,000 books were purchased and received free in the general category. About 15,000 bound volumes of periodicals are available in the periodical library. Malayalam books are categorized into 62 subjects. The classification used here is exclusive to the Academy Library. 17 dailies and around 180 periodicals are available in the library. 

Apart from the general section of the Academy Library, there are special collections such as Ramavarma Research Institute Collection, Krishna Kalyani Collection, K. Sukumaran Memorial Collection, Vilasini Collection, Malayalam Language Reform Committee Collection, Prof. V. Aravindakshan Collection etc.

Palm-leaf texts, microfilm rolls, audio-video cassettes, photo CDs etc. are also available in the library.

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