eShram Card Balance Check: Balance Kaise Check Karein?

eShram Card Balance Check: If you want to know how you can check the balance of your eShram card, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will show you the easy step-by-step process of checking the eShram card balance.

An amount of INR 1000 will be given to the workers directly in their accounts. Just visit the online portal and follow the easy steps they have provided. You will be able to check eShram balance in a minute.

These workers were being exploited and the benefits of the schemes created specifically for them were not being transferred to them. The eShram card program has played a vital role in changing this scenario.

If you are a holder or if you know someone who has the eShram card but is unable to check its balance, don’t worry, we are here to help.

Continue reading to see the entire process step-by-step. We have covered every little detail for you if you want to know everything about the eShram card.

What is E Shram Card?

The E-Shram card is a national-level database of workers employed in the unorganized sector, which is seeded with Aadhaar. It covers unorganized workers including migrant workers, platform workers, gig workers, and construction workers.

The card enables the workers to receive benefits under various social welfare schemes launched for the workers of the unorganized sector.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment launched the eShram portal in August of 2021 and has issued over 28,60,00,000 eShram cards to date.

If you want to create an eShram card for yourself or for anyone you know, you can use the eShram portal to do it easily. The card contains various information about the worker like – name, address, education, skills, place of work, etc.

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eShram Card Highlights

Here are the major highlights of the eShram card that you may want to have a look at-

Scheme NameeShram Card Scheme
Card NameeShram Card
Launched ByMinistry of Labour And Employment
Launched Year2021
EligibilityEvery worker involved in the unorganized sector
Age Limit16 – 59 Years
Application ModeOnline/Offline
Application ChargesFree
Official WebsiteHere

eShram Card Balance Check

Now that you know about the eShram card, the most important part that people are confused about is eShram card balance check.

The workers of the unorganized sector who have created their eShram card can easily check their balance through the official eShram portal. They can not only use the portal for balance check but also for payment status checks.

Here, we show you the step-by-step method of checking your eShram card balance, follow along.

#1. Visit the official website of the eShram scheme – Use the link here.

#2. Under the “Register on eShram” link, you will see the option of “Already Registered“. Click on it.

how to check eshram card balance online?

#3. The eShram Card Balance check page will open before you.

#4. Type in the login details – UAN number, Date of Birth, and the Captcha.

#5. Select either “Check Payment Status” or “Know Your Payment Option“.

#6. You will be redirected to either the PFMS site or the E-Shram Card Balance check page.

#7. Enter your Aadhaar number or UAN number. If there’s any other detail asked, enter it too.

#8. Lastly, to check your status, submit it and you will have the balance in front of you.

eShram Card Balance Check By Mobile

For eShram card balance check by mobile, all you need to do is just visit the official portal of the scheme –

Follow the easy and straightforward steps they have given there, and you can check the balance within 5 minutes.

eShram Card Payment Status

You can also ensure eShram card payment status with the help of your bank account. Here are the steps you need to follow for the same –

#1. Go to your bank where you have the account that you gave for the scheme. Don’t forget to take your passbook with you.

#2. Head over to the inquiry department.

#3. Give your passbook to them.

#4. Ask them to fill in the transactions.

#5. Once they fill out your passbook, check for the payment of INR 1000.

#6. If you see the entry for this amount, it means you have received the installment.

eShram Card Balance Check Benefits

The scheme is a strong and effective step taken toward the welfare of workers engaged in the unorganized sector of the economy. Here are the major benefits of the eShram card balance check that you should know –

#1. The beneficiaries selected for the scheme are able to check their balance from the comfort of their homes directly from their mobile phone.

#2. Beneficiaries will receive an amount of INR 1000 directly in their bank account once they are selected in the scheme. They don’t have to do anything, the Government is going to deposit this amount in their account.

#3. With the help of eShram card, the workers engaged in the unorganized sector are enabled to receive benefits under the various social welfare schemes of the Central Government.

#4. With the help of eShram card, the details of all the unorganized sector workers stay with the central authority at the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

eShram Card Registration Process

eShram card is one of the most effective Government documents a worker who is engaged in the unorganized sector can get. This card enabled them to receive a lot of benefits and advantages.

If you want to apply for the card or if you know someone who should apply for the card, here are the detailed steps you need to take –

#1. Go to the official portal of the scheme. The link is Given here.

#2. You will see the “Register on eShram” option at the top of the page. Click on it.

#3. The eShram registration portal will open before you. Enter all the details it asks you carefully. Enter the Captcha and then generate OTP.

eShram portal registration

#3. Enter the OTP and log in.

#4. You will get the login ID and a secret phrase that you need to keep to yourself.

#5. Now go back to the official website again and log in using the ID and phrase.

#6. Locate the form and fill it in with all the correct details. Make sure you enter everything correctly because it can’t be changed afterward.

#7. Double-check the banking details because this is the most important part. If you fill in the bank details wrong, your installment will go to a different account.

#8. Once all the details are filled and rechecked, submit it. The registration is complete!

eShram Card Download Process

Now that you know how you can register for eShram card, it is also important to know how to download it. You need to download the card and keep it handy because it will be required later many times.

In order to download the all-important eShram card, here are the steps you need to follow –

#1. Go to the official portal of the scheme. The link has been provided above many times.

#2. On the home page, you will see the “Already Registered” option below the “Register on eShram” tab. Click on Update next to it.

#3. Enter your UAN number, DOB, and Captcha to Generate OTP.

#4. OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the space given.

#5. On the next screen, enter your Aadhaar number with which you registered on the portal in the first place.

#6. OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. Enter it there.

#7. On the next page, you will see two options – “Update Profile” and “Download UAN Card“.

#8. Click on the download option.

#9. On the next screen, you will the option to download the PDF. Click on it and the card will be downloaded.

eShram Card Balance Check FAQs

Here are the major FAQs people are asking about eShram cards online. If you had similar questions in your mind, find their answers here –

#1. How To Check eShram Card balance with mobile phone?

eShram card balance check can be done through the official online portal of the scheme. Go to Now go to the “Already Registered” tab. Enter your UAN number, DOB and Captcha. Enter the OTP to log in. Then provide the details on the “Check Payment Status” tab. On the next screen, just enter your Aadhaar and UAN number, and the OTP. You will see your balance easily.

#2. How can I check my bank account status online?

To check your bank account balance, send an SMS to the helpline number of your bank using the registered mobile number. You will see the detailed message of your account balance. For SBI account holders, the number is 9223766666 (do check the official site as well).

#3. How to download eShram card online?

Go to the official site of the scheme – Then, go to the “Already Registered” tab. Enter your UAN number, DOB, Captcha, and OTP to log in. On the next page, you will see the option of “Download UAN Card“. Click on it and enter your Aadhaar number, UAN number, and OTP. You will see the option of downloading the pdf.

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